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Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
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 Vintage Steel Lockers | American Style Lockers |Retro Steel Lockers

Retro Style American Steel Lockers

Our retro steel lockers can also be known as a retro style American locker, this is shown by

  • the down facing air vents on the front of our locker
  • having a hat and coat hook inside the locker instead of the more common hanging rail- negating the need for coat hangers and saving space inside the locker

Vintage Style Steel Lockers

Vintage lockers are also available and made from aged material (subject to availability), designed to look older than they actually are, yet retaining their practical element.

Retro Style Amercian Style Steel Lockers

Each retro steel locker Comes with a Lock and 2 Keys OR a Latch-lock (please note that if you choose a Latch-lock option we do not supply the padlock you must supply them yourself).
Lockers up to the three door configuration also comes with vents, Hat and coat hooks and a name plate holder
We also supply a range of Accessories & Extras for each locker to help better fit your needs


  • Sloping Top Roof - the Sloping top roof adds a slight angle to the roof of your locker to stop items being placed on top of them
  • Legs - the lockers legs are designed to lift the lockers of the ground (This is a common characteristic of older style lockers)
  • Extra Shelves - extra shelves can be placed inside the lockers to create extra compartments such as separating work clothes and normal clothes
  • Clean and Dirty Divider - this is a special Locker which is divided down the middle vertically to separate clean and dirty clothing
  • Extra Hooks - extra hooks are designed to give you extra space to hang clothing such as coats and jackets


The extras we can supply you with consist of:

  • Extra Locks and Keys
  • Replacement/Extra Keys
  • Master Keys (To Unlock All of Your Lockers)
  • Keyless Combination Lock *
  • Coin Return Locks**
  • Coin Retain Locks**

Please note these are not recommended for multi user lockers
** Please note these are not keyless systems and there is still a risk of keys getting lost

Vintage Style Steel Lockers

CONTACT our Sales Team for more details.

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Midland Steel Equipment for all your Vintage / Retro / American Style Locker needs.