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Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
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 Work Lockers | Sports Lockers |Clothing Lockers

We offer a selection of clothing lockers suitable for the workplace and sports environment.

  • Ample storage for personal belongings / uniforms / sports equipment
  • Quality Steel product manufactured in the UK suitable for use in areas from industrial workplaces to changing rooms
  • Range of sizes, from 71 x 12 x 12 all the way up to 71x15x24 !
  • Range of configurations from One Door to Nine Door
  • Various colours available
  • Ability to have holes punched for banking
Sports Lockers | Clothing Lockers
  • Each Locker Comes with a Lock and 2 Keys OR a Latch-lock
     (please note that if you choose a Latch-lock option we do not supply the padlock you must supply them yourself).
  • Lockers up to the three door configuration also comes with vents, Hat and coat hooks and a name plate holder
  • A range of Accessories & Extras for each locker to help better fit your needs


  • Sloping Top Roof - the Sloping top roof adds a slight angle to the roof of your locker to stop items being placed on top of them
  • Legs - the lockers legs are designed to lift the lockers of the ground
  • Extra Shelves - extra shelves can be placed inside the lockers to create extra compartments such as separating work clothes and normal clothes
  • Clean and Dirty Divider - this is a special Locker which is divided down the middle vertically to separate clean and dirty clothing
  • Extra Hooks - extra hooks are designed to give you extra space to hang clothing such as coats and jackets
legs for steel lockers


The extras we can supply you with consist of:

  • Extra Locks and Keys
  • Replacement/Extra Keys
  • Master Keys (To Unlock All of Your Lockers)
  • Keyless Combination Lock *
  • Coin Return Locks**
  • Coin Retain Locks**
lock types for steel lockers

Please note these are not recommended for multi user lockers
** Please note these are not keyless systems and there is still a risk of keys getting lost

CONTACT our Sales Team for more details.

0800 980 9544 | 01909 722927 | 01909 721090

Midland Steel Equipment for all your Clothing & Sports Locker needs.