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Why employees like steel work lockers

One of the most common use of steel lockers is to enable employees to store their belongings while they’re on site — whether that’s an office, a factory floor or another type of workplace. Work lockers are hugely popular among employees, and can be useful whether you’re an SME or a huge corporation.

But why are lockers so popular with the UK’s workforce? And what benefits do they bring? At Midland Steel Equipment, we’ve been helping companies select work lockers for a long time now, so we understand the reasons they love them.

Personal belongings are kept safe and secure

Personal belongings in the workplace can include smartphones, handbags, wallets, coats, lunch boxes, shopping and a huge array of other things. The problem is, these can also be a source of anxiety as employees worry if their things are safe. This is, of course, heightened in workplaces such as factories and construction sites where belongings have to be left in a separate room, but it can also be an issue in offices, where employees may not want to leave their belongings on or around their desks. Having lockers means individual employees can safely and securely lock away their belongings, while still having easy access to them through the day.

They help people stay distraction-free

Within offices, a lot of time is lost as employees check their mobile phones throughout the day, since they are often left out on desks. However, this is not just a gripe for management, and many employees would also prefer not to be distracted during work hours, but they don’t necessarily want to leave their expensive smartphone out of sight. Having a work locker means employees can lock away their phones safely during working hours, retrieving them during breaks and after work, meaning they stay free of distractions throughout the day.

They make it easier to obey health and safety rules

Many workplaces have rules that state no personal belongings are to be brought on to the shop floor, as it were. This is usually for health and safety reasons, but can also be down to security issues. However, if this is the case, employers ideally need to supply their team with somewhere to leave their belongings during the day, since it’s unreasonable to expect employees not to have basic belongings such as keys, money or phones with them when they arrive at work. Work lockers mean employees have a safe space to leave their belongings while they’re out of sight, making it less likely that they would be tempted to break any rules.

Midland Steel Equipment offer a wide variety of steel lockers that are ideal for the workplace, coming in various shapes and sizes. We even offer mesh and plastic lockers if that is preferable to your business. Whichever style you opt for, your employees will appreciate the security they offer, so please get in touch with us today to find out more.

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