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How to Decide If Your Workplace Needs Lockers? Ask These Questions

The popularity of workplace lockers is increasing with every passing day. But do you know why the demand for office lockers is rising by the day? And how can you figure out or determine if your office requires lockers?

This blog attempts to answer these questions and also offers recommendations on how to reduce overheads and downsize your workplace.

At Midland Steel Equipment Ltd., we manufacture and supply both workplace lockers in standard and custom sizes at competitive rates.

Do You Want to Downsize?

You can encourage your employees to share desks or workspace with a view to downsizing the workplace. This strategy of making the office smaller takes inspiration from ‘hot desking’ – a practice where your staff members are allocated desks on a rotational basis.

You can introduce the rotational system to encourage desk sharing.

Once employees start sharing desks, you will have to install lockers so that they can safely store their belongings. The fewer the work desks, the less floor space you need for conducting your business.

Eventually, you can make do with a smaller office, saving rent.

If you wish to boost work culture in your office and improve productivity, consider introducing the ‘hot desking’ system.

Hot desking is an innovative office organisation technique where your employees use a single workstation at different times of the day. Once you introduce this policy where no staff member owns a desk permanently, you can expect to save a lot of space.

While you make arrangements for enforcing hot desking, you will have to think about installing workplace lockers. After all, once your employees start sharing desks, they will need a centralised and secure space to keep their bits and pieces.     

Are Some of Your Employees Working Part Time?

Providing lockers to part-time employees who share workstations will prevent personal valuables from getting stolen or misplaced.

Steel Workplace LockersDo You Have Space In Your Workplace?

Ensure you have sufficient space for housing workplace lockers. In case, you do not have the required space, you can reorganise the layout to accommodate lockers. Alternatively, you can create a niche space to make way for a centralised locker system.   

Do You Regularly Handle Classified Information?

If you frequently handle sensitive or classified information such as business contracts, invoices and accounts, having a locker system is indispensable.

Contact Midland Steel Equipment for Workplace Lockers

For three decades, Midland Steel Equipment Ltd. has focussed on manufacturing and supplying workplace lockers, steel racking, sports lockers, metal racking, and other storage solutions. We supply quality storage equipment at competitive prices. Contact us today for a free quote.

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