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Designing a Locker Room – Things to Consider

Whether you manage a sports facility, a spa or a healthcare facility, a locker room provides a secure environment for your employees to store their belongings. What’s more, this is an amenity that sends the right signals to your staff and improves their morale. So before you buy work lockers for sale in the UK, here are some things to consider when designing a custom locker room for your workplace.

The Size of the Lockers

The first step is to determine the size of the lockers. If you are designing a locker room for a fitness or a sports centre, you might be want to consider installing large lockers to help store equipment. Facility managers usually ignore this important aspect and fail to realise the importance of size and functionality requirements for the locker room.

4 door steel lockers

Here at Midland Steel Equipment, we offer a wide range of work lockers for sale in the UK. Our locker specialists can help you choose a size that best fits the needs of your end users.

The Location

It’s important to consider the location of the locker room. For instance, if the locker room is for a work facility, you need not allocate as huge a space as a gym. Knowing the location will help design a room that’s appropriate for your target users.

Furniture and Accessories

The addition of furniture can transform a locker room into a comfortable space where your employees can get more things done. For instance, you might want to consider adding shelves and benches depending on the needs of your staff.

The Environment

Will you place the locker rooms in a high-moisture area? If the locker room is located near a swimming pool or the shower area, the lockers will be exposed to high humidity and moisture levels at all times. At Midland Steel Equipment, we offer high quality work lockers for sale in the UK made of steel, plastic and mesh. Depending on the environment of your locker, we can suggest the ideal material for your lockers.

Midland Steel Equipment –  Custom Locker Specialists

Whether you are creating a locker room in your office, manufacturing unit or a sports facility, Midland Steel Equipment can build custom lockers to suit your requirements. We understand what goes into designing a functional and practical locker room.

Talk to our locker specialists today to discuss your requirements. Call 0800 980 9544 now.

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