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Using Steel Storage Solutions for Health and Safety

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We’ve all been there: the messy office with boxes all over the floor, people’s coats hanging off the backs of chairs and the odd stray stationery tin ready to fall off a desk.

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Of course, we all know that offices aren’t supposed to be like that — there are rules, after all. But, if we’re being honest, we know that workplaces tend to get busy, and when people are busy they get careless and, before you know it, the office is one giant tripping hazard. Naturally, this is exacerbated when there’s nowhere to put anything. If the only storage options are the desktop or a pile in the corner, things are obviously going to get out of hand.

But can storage really help? At Midland Steel Equipment, we believe it really can, and we’d bet our bottom dollar that some well thought out storage solutions can turn most offices from an obstacle course into a happy, healthy environment. So what are our top tips?

Get on top of filing and archiving

Some of the worst offenders when it comes to trips and falls in the workplace are boxes stacked up on the floor, filled with paper files and archived documents. All it takes is for someone to be carrying a tray from the tea-run, misstep and suddenly they’ve gone flying over the corner of one of those boxes. This can be easily solved with some steel shelving. It’s a simple, discreet solution that allows you to stack files and archives away from the floor, while still being easy to get to.

Keep personal belongings tidied away

Another big offender for trips and falls is team member’s property. This could be coats, handbags, gym bags, umbrellas or a variety of other things, but they’re all things people usually stash on the back of their chair or under their desk. Except no one ever puts them properly on their chair or far back enough under their desk. As such, straps, handles and sleeves tend to end up lying in wait to send some poor unsuspecting soul flying. Work lockers are a great solution for this problem as they encourage staff to put their belongings behind a closed door, out of harm’s way.

Make it compulsory

Once you have your storage solutions in place, the only thing left to do is make safe storage of items compulsory, in accordance with your business’s health and safety policy. Make sure it’s against the rules to leave boxes on the floor when there are perfectly good shelves to use, enforce the use of lockers by not allowing staff’s personal belongings on chairs or the floor. It will very soon become second nature.

There are lots of other ways in which good storage can help solve health and safety issues in the workplace — and not just in offices - see some bespoke solutions here.

To find out more, contact Midland Steel Equipment today on 0800 980 9544 to speak to our friendly sales team or Email us with your enquiry.

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