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Lockers for alternative storage in the workplace

When it comes workplace lockers, we tend to think of them as strictly for keeping employees’ belongings safe while they’re in work. However, steel lockers can be used for safe and discreet storage of a number of other things that you may not even have considered. This could make life easier and safer for you, your employees or any number of people – it just requires a bit of creative thinking.

At Midland Steel Equipment, we’re used to people ordering our steel workplace lockers for all sorts of storage reasons, so here are a few.

steel lockers for sale UKSafe storage of cleaning products

Some cleaning products can be hazardous so you don’t want to store them anywhere they might easily spill or otherwise cause problems. They can also clutter an office up, making it look untidy which can be an issue. Storing cleaning materials and products in a steel locker means that they’re tucked away out of sight and are also safe from being accidentally knocked over and spilled by employees. You can even go as far as making sure only certain people have keys to the locker, so that they can’t be accessed by the people who need them.

Discreet storage of sanitary products

One office complex we know of had the commendable idea of using a locker in their reception area to store a selection of sanitary products for the ladies who worked there. If a female worker found herself in need of anything, she could simply ask at reception for the key to the locker and get the products she needed without any fear of embarrassment or awkwardness. Simple, effective and thoughtful.

Secure storage of documents

Every business has documents that they don’t want on display to the public, or even to every member of staff. While filing cabinets are useful and secure, they are not great if you have a huge, full ring binder or project file to store since these can be bulky and their dimensions may be a bit bigger than A4. Steel lockers can be a great way to store these documents without having to take them out of their binding. Only people who need access get a key, and the documents are safe from prying eyes.

Protected storage for medications

If you have staff with allergies or illnesses such as diabetes that require medication, a locker can be a great place to store whatever they need so that it can be accessed in an emergency. This means it’s safe from being accidentally taken by anyone else and it also won’t get lost. One note to make is that you will need multiple keys for the locker as ideally each person with medication should have a key, as well as a few key people on the team (health and safety officer, first aid officer etc.) who would need to access the locker and administer medication in the case of an emergency.

If you are looking for steel lockers for your workplace – whatever the use – contact Midland Steel Equipment today.

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