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retro steel lcokersRepurposing vintage lockers

Vintage or retro lockers can be repurposed for your personal storage needs. Whilst the majority of us relate storage lockers to schools, gyms, offices or industrial sites, there is so much more that can be done with them. Lockers have a lot of potential outside of the commercial or business world. This article discusses just some of the many of ways you can repurpose old steel lockers and give them a new lease of life. Whether you fancy yourself as a creative, DIY expert or simply want to give your home something unique, our article will send you in the right direction. Here we will discuss some of several ways vintage lockers can add a wow factor to your home.

Toy cupboard

Living in a home with little ones can be a challenge sometimes, particularly in terms of the mess. If you have a toy room, a bit of extra space or fancy making your home a little more unique - vintage lockers may be a great option for you. Repurposing old lockers can be a fantastic way to give your home a feature that makes it your own. It is important to note that old lockers can be expensive, however, affordable options are available if you spend enough time researching. Standard cupboards and storage are readily available at any furniture store, but by doing-up some old lockers, you are creating a project that the whole family can get involved in. Not only this, but your house will stand out and truly feel like home having created a feature by yourselves, rather than buying a generic one. Repurposing vintage lockers can bring a little history into your home and you are helping the planet by recycling something, rather than letting it go to waste. For a toy cupboard, consider painting your lockers with bright, vibrant colours. You could even courage the kids to get involved in the design or painting process, making it a whole family experience and something everyone can enjoy.

Kitchen storage

Lockers can also be repurposed to store kitchen appliances and utensils. Using lockers in this way can be a great solution to avoid items cluttering up your counterspace. It is definitely a good idea to ensure you have deep cleaned the lockers before using them in this way, for hygiene purposes. It may be a nice to fit the locker doors with a wire or glass front to open them up to show off your glassware or china. Using lockers in this way could complete your kitchen and make it a bit different to using factory bought and made cupboards.

retro steel lcokers

Office storage

Lockers are often used in offices and businesses; however, you could repurpose them for your own business or home office. This would be a particularly good idea if you work for a design company, as it would allow you to have your skills exhibited for when potential clients visit the office. Lockers are a great way of storing stationary, paperwork and other miscellaneous items that may need to be kept out of the way to avoid cluttering. Lockers are also ideal in an office environment as they are lockable if necessary, ensuring security should your items need it. By removing the locker door, they could even be used for folders or as a bookcase.

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