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When Used Work Lockers Are a Great Solution

Sometimes you may find yourself needing a locker for a brief period or need something for a personal use that doesn’t need to be in perfect condition, that is where our alternative options for lockers can be useful

Shop Second / Slight Second Steel Lockers

These lockers are Brand new and unused but are made from leftover material that has slight scuffs or scratches. Our lockers are manufactured from pre-coated steel which offers protection from rusting and is easily cleaned (unless made from vintage material which will rust over time) however this coating can sometimes be scratched when the sheets are moved around on a pallet, this steel is then used to make our slight second lockers which have found popularity among companies needing them for areas that are susceptible to heavy traffic such as gyms and changing rooms

Used Work Lockers

Used work lockers are lockers that a customer has sold back to us, as we work with a variety of different companies and each companies needs are different some may need temporary lockers for use on a work site or for promotional reasons, once the lockers have returned to us they are cleaned and refurbished as much as possible, this could include going as far as to replace a door, they are then fitted with brand new locks and then resold for a discounted price

These are very popular items when in stock as this pass along savings to our customers who don’t need a permanent storage solution and one that can affordably be disposed of after use.

used work lockers

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