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Steel lockers vs Plastic lockers

Practical and durable - storage lockers are a great investment for businesses and schools, helping to keep important valuables safe. However, storage lockers are not only renowned for their practicality when it comes to looking after our valuables. As the name suggests, they are also handy to tuck items away which may otherwise clutter your working environment. There are many advantages to installation of lockers in your school, business or gym; however, the next step is to decide which style best suits your needs. This article weighs the pros and cons of both stainless steel and plastic lockers, helping you make an informed investment.

Stainless steel lockers

Strength: Lockers made from metal are almost always the strongest possible option. They tend to be more durable and sturdy than alternatives. This means you are able to store large, heavy or bulky items in your locker without needing to worry about damaging it.

Full security: Given the strength of steel, lockers made from metal are often the most secure. They offer full security, meaning valuables can be protected at all times. This is very convenient in an office, gym or school environment where individuals don’t always want to keep their belongings with them. It may be said that metal lockers can offer greater security than plastic lockers because of their durability. Even if intentional damages were made to the lockers, they should be able to withstand.

Resistance: Stainless steel is resistant to bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful materials. It also does not corrode when it comes into contact with moisture, thus making it suitable for storage in swimming pool changing rooms.

Economical: Generally speaking, stainless steel lockers tend to be more expensive than plastic lockers. However, it is important to note that whilst they are more expensive in terms of short term cost, they are more economical if you are looking to make a long-term investment. This is because metal lockers tend to be more robust than plastic, and thus last longer.

Plastic lockers

Security: Plastic lockers also offer a high level of security. Developments in plastic manufacturing have meant that plastic is incredibly durable; it is resistant to tampering and intentional damage. Your belongings will be much safer if stowed away in a lockable facility such as a storage locker.

Resistance: Like metal lockers, plastic lockers are also highly-weather resistant. Plastic is often perceived as the more hygenic of the two materials. It can be easily washed down without causing corrosion. This makes plastic lockers particularly suitable for outdoor settings or swimming pools.

Design: Plastic lockers are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs; it is easy to find a locker suitable and even complimentary to your space. Plastic lockers are also more lightweight than metal lockers, meaning machinery is less likely to be necessary if you want to move the lockers around the room.

Economical: If you are on a tight budget, it is worth considering plastic lockers. As a short-term cost, they are cheaper than metal lockers, however are arguably not as long-lasting.

Steel and plastic lockers share many advantages. If you own or run a business or school, it is worth investing in storage lockers. Both offer benefits in terms of practicality and security. If you would like to hear more about our storage lockers, please contact us.

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