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Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
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Support the UK steel and manufacturing industry

Many of us are obsessed with the idea of ‘buying British’ when it comes to our food, clothes, furniture and even our cars. But for things like storage – particularly workplace storage – the idea of buying British probably doesn’t cross most people’s minds.

However, with reports of major UK manufacturers and UK steel plants closing or being forced to make redundancies a seemingly regular occurrence, it’s more important than ever to expand the meaning of buying British. All of Midland Steel Equipment’s steel lockers are made in England so by choosing us to supply your workplace lockers, you’re supporting the British steel and manufacturing industry.

But why should you buy British-made steel lockers?

When it comes to steel lockers, buying British guarantees you a few things.


What you see is what you get with our lockers. They’re made in Britain and sold in Britain, so you know you’re not going to get something that’s been imported and possibly made using inferior products and techniques. All of our lockers have been checked and tested in line with UK and EU safety laws so you can rest assured that they’re up to scratch and are made using nothing but quality workmanship.

First class service

Our team is entirely based in the UK. So, if you have any questions, enquiries or problems, you can simply get on the phone to us and not worry about being passed from pillar to post in a call centre. We’ll offer you the best customer service experience from start to finish.

Great value

Because our lockers and shelving are all produced in the UK, our costs are reduced as we pay no import costs. This means we can pass on the saving to our customers and supply the lowest prices in the UK.

Faster shipping to you

As our lockers are made in the UK, they’re also stored in the UK, so there’s no waiting for them to be shipped halfway around the world once you’ve ordered what you want. Our friendly sales team can give you more info on delivery for your particular requirements.

What does buying British actually do?

By buying British, you’re supporting jobs right here in the UK. The money you spend stays in the country and goes towards paying workers, and producing more of our products, thus supporting the UK economy. When you order your workplace lockers, it might not seem like much, but every little helps to keep the industry rolling on. So, imagine if everyone did that? Much of the uncertainty in UK steel production and manufacturing would likely disappear overnight.

Ordering from Midland Steel Equipment

If you’re ready to order your lockers or steel shelving from Midland Steel Equipment, contact our expert sales team today. They’ll be able to help you choose the right storage for your needs and ensure you have everything you require.

If you’d like to browse a bit further, ask our team to send you a copy of our 2018 brochure, which is now available.

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