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Why steel lockers?

Wondering if you need steel lockers for your business? After all, that coat stand in the corner seems to be fine with everyone’s coats and scarves on — things only fall off now and then. And most people keep their bags under their desks which seems to work — no one’s tripped up that you know of so why do you need to spend money on lockers?

Well, there are several good reasons why lockers would be much better, but they all fall under two main reasons: security and health and safety. They are also a sustainable option - read our blog about our 'green' lockers.

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Lockers add an extra layer of security to your team’s belongings. Ranging from laptops, tablets and other expensive electronics, to purses, wallets and even clothes if they need to get changed to do their job.

While you may feel your business is secure, you can never be 100% certain if things are left lying around. For instance, if your building had a fire drill and all staff had to evacuate, an opportunist could take advantage of an empty office and make off with peoples’ belongings. This just isn’t the case if employees have lockers to stash their personal items in.

While you may stipulate that employees bring in personal belongings at their own risk, which is fair enough, if your team knows their items are safe during the day, it creates a happier, more secure environment. It’ll also help protect company equipment, should your employees regularly use or borrow things such as company laptops.

Health and Safety

Health and safety has been a big part of our working lives for years now so there’s really no excuse for not observing proper procedures. Not to mention the fact that an accident in the workplace can result in a claim from your employee which could cost your business a lot of money, as well as time lost while the team member is off work with their injuries.

Lockers can help prevent trips and falls by making sure all staff belongings are neatly stowed away. Yes, you say things only occasionally fall off the coat stand, but all it would take is one scarf on the floor for an employee to trip and hurt themselves. Similarly, while bags tucked under desks can keep them out of the way, straps can easily get tangled around feet or chair legs, causing someone to fall over as they go to stand up.

If employees each have their own locker, they can tidy away all outerwear and bags — not to mention any shopping they may pick up on their lunch break or anything else that otherwise may get stowed on the floor.

If you’re thinking of kitting out your business with some steel lockers, Midland Steel Equipment has lots to choose from including sizes ranging from single door to nine door and cube lockers. Plus we offer vintage style lockers which may work if you have a trendy office.

Speak to our sales team on 0800 980 9544 or use our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

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