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Keeping locker rooms stylish… No, really!

Unless you’re thinking about a classy, high end spa, the chances are the idea of locker rooms conjure up images of grubby, bland rooms that look and smell… interesting, to say the least. In fact, generally, when faced with a locker room at their local gym or swimming pool, the best most Brits can muster is, “Oh, well, at least it’s not dirty.”

But we can do better than that, can’t we? Think about it, the closest thing in your own home to a locker room is probably your bathroom. And most of us spend a lot of money on beautiful bathroom suites and finishes so that we can get washed and dressed in a bit of luxury. So why is it that most locker rooms seem to be “not dirty” at best? Well, we’ve pulled together some tips on how to make a gym or swimming pool locker room into a stylish haven.

Steel LockersLovely lockers

Lockers don’t need to be boring. Instead look at options such as retro steel lockers or even coloured lockers to make storage for gym-goers or swimmers a bit cooler. The retro and coloured lockers from Midland Steel Equipment are just as secure as regular lockers, but can help you create a stylish look for your locker room space.

Tile style

Rather than opting for that ugly beige-grey colour that so many locker rooms seem to use in their tiling, pick out elegant patterns. These will look great but will also, crucially, age less quickly than pale block colours. An alternative to floor tiles can be polished concrete, which can look especially gorgeous if you’re opting for an industrial look. It’s very easy to keep clean too.

Benches can be beautiful

Benches don’t have to be boring. Many of the more stylish locker rooms out there opt for heavy, solid wood benches in mahogany or oak, often with sleek metal legs. These are a lot nicer than the heavily varnished affairs that seem to spring up in municipal swimming pool changing rooms the world over. Alternatively, you could even look at retro metal stools for each individual.

Pristine porcelain

Your sinks, loos and showers don’t have to be ugly, just because this is a shared locker room. Even if you need to keep the porcelain goods basic, look for stylish chrome options for fixtures and fittings to give a sharp, modern feel. Think what you’d like in your own bathroom!

It’s all in the lighting

When it comes to lighting your locker room, don’t be tempted by fluorescent tubes that flicker and paint everyone in an unflattering light. Instead, look to contemporary spots or low-hanging shades to create a warmer, more welcoming glow. Again, think about what you’d want in your own bathroom.

If you’re kitting out your gym or swimming pool’s locker room, take a look at what Midland Steel Equipment has to offer in terms of steel lockers and shelving, and please get in touch with us today to find out more.

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