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Uses for steel shelving

At Midland Steel Equipment, we don’t just supply lockers, we also offer a selection of steel shelving. While that might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world to most people, it actually has a huge variety of uses in both the home and commercial sector.

In this blog, we’ve put together some top places our steel shelving gets used to give you some inspiration for your own storage.

In the garage or basement

Steel shelving is ideal storage for the home, particularly in spaces such as your garage or basement, where you may well want entire walls filled with shelving space. These strong, durable shelves can hold a whole host of things, including domestic tools, gardening equipment, storage boxes, cleaning products and pretty much anything else so they’re perfect for keeping your garage or basement tidy.

Self storage

Steel ShelvingIf you rent a self storage space, you’ll know how untidy they can get in a short space of time as you continue dropping more and more things off, stacking boxes and chucking in extra bits. This, of course, means that when you come to get a particular belonging out of storage, you have no idea what’s where. Adding in some steel shelving can help to keep your self storage locker tidy and organised as you line up boxes neatly, rather than on top of each other. This makes life much easier when you come to collect items, or add more things in.

Restaurant kitchens

Restaurant kitchens categorically need to be tidy — there are no two ways about it. However, everything within them — pots, pans, ingredients and utensils — all need to be easily accessible for the kitchen staff. Cupboards, therefore, can create a bit of an issue as doors swinging open in a busy kitchen are an accident waiting to happen. However, steel shelving can help by keeping everything away from the busy kitchen surfaces, while still being as easy to grab as shouting, “Yes, chef!”


While most libraries will be equipped with shelving from the get-go, they are also growing all the time with books, DVDs, records, CDs, sheet music, magazines and lots of other items being added all the time. This means more and more shelving is required as years go by. Steel shelving is an affordable way to grow a public or private library, and, as you can select a variety of sizes, you can get the exact amount of storage for books that you require.

Food retailers

As the hipster movement gains pace, more and more independent food retailers are opening all of the time, selling homemade products, freshly baked bread and a variety of exotic world foods. Steel shelving not only looks the part, in terms of the trend’s industrial aesthetic, it’s also hygienic, easy to clean and completely practical, making it a great choice for independent retailers.

If you’re looking at steel shelving options for your home or business, contact Midland Steel Equipment today to see how we can help.

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