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A guide to choosing the right storage rack

Storage racks are used in every business and have a variety of uses. Available in an array of options, storage racks are an indispensable part of any business. So how do you choose a storage rack that’s right for your business? Let’s take a look.


Begin by considering the projected cost of your new storage rack solution including the cost of designing it and installing it.

You must invest in a racking solution that fulfils your requirements. So avoid choosing a racking system based solely on cost. We highly recommend considering the best solution at the best price rather than choosing the cheapest option.

Identify your requirements

Consider the different types of storage racking solutions in the UK and their relevance for specific products and requirements.

For example, standard racking systems are ideal for storing documents and carton boxes of varying sizes. However, for more specific requirements, you can opt for custom racking solutions.


Sometime in the future, you might want to add additional storage and some racking systems are easier to scale compared to others.

Invest in racking systems that are modular in design. These are designed for scalability.


A well-designed racking system is one that minimises floor space wastage. After all, wasted space is tantamount to wasted  money.

Sure, the option to expand vertically might sound obvious. However, many businesses neglect the huge amount of space that’s available from a vertical expansion.

For instance, “high bay” racking can significantly increase your vertical storage capacity while being cost effective. You can take them as high as 40 metres, effectively doubling the capacity that most other racks offer.

Floor usability

With a limited amount of floor space for your racking system, a critical requirement is to maximise the use of the available space. You need a solution that will help you to make the most of the available floor space.

Although it would be easier and simpler to use one specific type of racking, by installing different forms of racking, you can considerably increase the capacity.


The access required to your rack depends on the type of product and the frequency of movement required. Planning the access to stored items is critical to many businesses such as warehouses. So consider your access requirements when choosing the racking system.

Contact Midland Steel Equipment

Choosing the right racking system for your business could seem overwhelming at the outset. For the best results, consult our storage racking solutions specialists in the UK. Call Midland Steel Equipment on 0800 980 9544.

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