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Steel Racking Solutions For Medical Storage

Medical Practice Storage Tips

As a healthcare professional, you’re aware of the significance of keeping everything organised in your clinic. However, the task of organising vital paperwork seems easier said than done. You’ll be at your wits’ end in managing everything as files, supplies, equipment, and medications keep accumulating. And yet you need to keep everything at hand for working efficiently. Here we share some practical storage tips including the use of steel racking solutions and plastic shelving to keep your medical practice organised.

Controlled Substances

Nowadays, strict government rules and regulations restrict the sale of numerous medical items, equipment and pharmaceuticals to prevent abuse. Governments impose control on specific medical products with regards to their production, distribution, handling, and storage. Some of these controlled substances include anabolic steroids, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, restoratives and opioids. As a medical professional, you must ensure that you store controlled drugs and pharmaceuticals in a safe and secure manner. Secure storage could go a long way in helping reduce and minimise inventory damage and loss. Using lockers, wire security trucks and panels will not only preserve sensitive and expensive inventory but also curb misuse. Stainless steel racking solutions can be ideal for climate controlled environments, helping thwart spills and damage from humidity.

Office and Stationery Supplies

Regardless of whether you manage a small health centre or supervise a multispecialty hospital, you’ll certainly need office supplies for effective management. You must ensure that office supplies and stationery including pen, pencil, clipboard, and stapler are kept handy. Make sure every work area has adequate filing cabinets, printer stands, desktop organisers and multi-device charging stations to prevent cluttering.

Steel Racking Solutions for Sterile Medical Supplies

Whatever your area of specialty, you’ll always need a steady supply of sterile medical consumables. Sterilised medical supplies comprise a wide range of products starting from glass vials to non-stick absorbent gauze and everything in between. So it follows that in order to preserve your sanitary medical provisions for long-term use, you’ll have to store them in germ-free racks. Always opt for stainless steel wire racks and shelves for preventing and minimising contamination. 

Medical Records of Patients

Government stipulations call for maintaining hard copies of patients’ medical records, apart from digital storage. However, you’ll run out of space sooner or later for archiving patients’ files, necessitating you to opt for alternative storage options. If your workspace has sufficient space, you can choose mobile aisle filing systems. The mobile aisle shelving systems can increase the storage capacity almost twofold without occupying additional floor space.   

Steel Racking Solutions from Midland Steel Equipment

Here at Midland Steel Equipment Ltd., we are manufacturers and suppliers of steel storage equipment. We have worked with medical practices and clinics across Ireland to supply quality steel racking solutions. Contact us today for a free quote.

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