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Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
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Set the scene with steel lockers

Midland Steel Equipment’s steel lockers have featured widely in films, UK television shows and adverts.

Very recently, they’ve provided the backdrop for David Haye and Richard Schaefer in promo images for “Hayemaker Ringstar”, and have set the scene in episodes of ITV’s Bancroft and BBC’s Holby City. Prior to this they’ve appeared in Kingsmen: The Secret Service, ITV’s Broadchurch and alongside Sylvester Stallone in Warburtons’ “The Deliverers” TV advert to name but a few. So, you might say we know a thing or two about helping to dress sets ready for a performance.

It’s the details that matter

Steel Lockers for TV ProductionsLockers might seem like a ridiculously dull thing to put in the background of your shot. But the fact is they’re a basic part of most people’s day, whether at school, the swimming pool or the workplace. If they’re missing from places viewers would expect them to be then it can really affect their suspension of disbelief.

This is obviously a problem if you’re going for realism but it’s just as much of a problem if you’re working within the realms of sci-fi, horror or fantasy. If your audience doesn’t believe that the high school corridor is real, how are they going to believe in the vampire stalking the students?

Lockers can also be great props and plot devices as well as simply background. They provide a place for a character to hide or find something, a door for a character to suddenly appear from behind, or a place for a note to be left. Including them in your production gives you multiple options and ways in which to use them.

So how can we help your production?

Whether your sourcing props for stage or screen, Midland Steel Equipment can help. You might need a high school corridor, a gym locker room or a hospital staff room. Whatever it is, we have the steel lockers for you.

We can provide you with vintage steel lockers to provide a worn, industrial look to your set, or steel sports lockers to give that television gym just the right look. You might prefer some smart blue lockers to set the tone in that NHS staff room, or multi-coloured lockers to give your show’s high school a fun feeling.

Basically, we have it all and are experienced in working with production designers and art departments to get sets just right.

Why choose Midland Steel Equipment to help you?

We might not be the only supplier of steel lockers in the UK, but we certainly trump the competition when it comes to working with production companies. Our years of experience mean we’re helpful, reliable and we understand what you do so, if you think you need lockers for your production, you should consider us first.

You can contact us via our web form or speak to our friendly team today who’ll be only too happy to help. Call us on 0800 980 9544 today and draw upon our many years of experience to help make your job easier.

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