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Designing your locker room with steel lockers

You’re probably sitting there, reading this and wondering why the heck you would need to design a locker room. After all, it’s just a room where people get changed, and stash their belongings, right?


We’ve shown before that locker rooms can be stylish spaces, but even if you just want your locker room – whether it be for a gym, workplace or other space – to be basic and functional, you still need an element of design to go into it.

At Midland Steel Equipment, we’ve helped kit out enough locker rooms over the years to pick up a few helpful tips, so here are some of the top things you should consider.

vintage style steel lockersShape and size

These are the basics of every locker room. Shape is important as squared rooms are obviously easier to deal with. That said, rooms with curves can look fantastic from an aesthetic point of view. Just remember that you’ll need your steel lockers to fit into the space. Luckily, helping you work with awkward spaces is something that we can do. Size is just as important. If you need to fit 50 lockers into the room, you need to know they’re going to fit, along with space for people to be in the room with them along with any other furniture.

How many lockers?

This leads us neatly into our next point. Before you do anything else, you need to check how many lockers you need and make sure it’s doable with your space. If you’re the owner of a huge gym and swimming pool, you may need hundreds. However, if you’re a small business that needs lockers for employees, you only need one per employee and maybe a couple spare for future new starters as you grow

What size of locker?

This is a vital question and very much depends on why you need your lockers. For instance, again, if you run a gym, you may want a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people will only want to store a change of clothes and a pair of shoes. Others may have to store an entire suit for work and will need more space. Giving a mix keeps everyone happy. However, if you’re looking for lockers for your employees, having a mix might not work as some people may be unhappy with a smaller locker. Here you perhaps want everything equal

What style of locker?

You might not be bothered by style and just go for a basic steel locker. However, you may have an eye for aesthetics and want a trendy American style locker or vintage style locker. Or you may not want steel at all and prefer plastic or mesh lockers. Whatever is right for your locker room will depend on what it’s for, so make sure you think about all the benefits of each type.

If you need any help coming up with what you need from your locker room space, contact the experts at Midland Steel Equipment on 0800 980 9544 or contact us via our email form.

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