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Why do school kids need steel lockers?

When we think of steel lockers in schools, we tend to think of scenes out of American teen movies and TV shows — they’re not something we readily associate with British schools. However, steel lockers are used in UK schools (especially high schools) and their popularity continues.

steel lockersAt Midland Steel Equipment, we understand that the idea of high school kids using steel lockers can bring some worries with it, with some parents and teachers concerned about what secrets young people could stash away. However, locker use is generally regulated by schools, with staff reserving the right to locker searches to ensure students aren’t smuggling contraband! This means that the benefits of school lockers generally outweigh any downsides. But just what are those benefits?

Storage for valuables

While kids aren’t supposed to take anything valuable into school with them, many kids over the age of eleven have a smartphone these days and not all will leave theirs at home. This can be a worry — more so for parents — as these valuable pieces of tech can easily be lost or stolen. Some schools don’t mind pupils having their phones with them at all times, but others ask youngsters to put them away and keep them away until home time. This is where a locker comes in handy, as phones can be stored away safely until it’s time for your child to come home.

Better for backs

School kids are expected to carry a lot these days, with exercise books, text books and stationery, as well as anything else high schoolers carry around with them, including money, keys, hairbrushes, make up and countless other bits, whether they’re meant to have them or not! This can make for some very heavy bags which, in turn, can make for some very sore backs. School lockers give pupils a place to leave their books, so that they only need to bring home what they need for homework, and can keep the rest safely in school. This gives kids a lighter load to carry, and helps their backs, shoulders and necks in the future.

Say goodbye to the bulk

For some unknown reason, the gods of high school timetabling always seem to put PE, art and music on the same day. This means that at least one day of the week your child will be lugging in a PE bag, an art folder and, possibly, a musical instrument on top of their usual schoolbag. This means that they have a lot to carry round all day, which can be tiring and annoying. If they have a locker, however, they can store things there until they need them — just remind them to bring any smelly PE kits home to be washed!

At Midland Steel Equipment, our steel lockers are ideal for use in schools, giving kids a safe space to store their belongings and school equipment. We even offer an array of colours, meaning you could have lockers to match the school colours. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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