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Do nurseries and primary schools need steel lockers?

While UK high schools quite regularly use lockers for pupils to store their belongings, primary schools and nurseries still tend to favour the more traditional coat hooks and pigeon holes.

Of course, there’s a fairly straightforward argument for this. High school pupils tend to carry more in with them by way of books, PE kits etc, and so need somewhere to keep them through the day. They are also more likely to have high value items with them such as mobile phones or expensive trainers that they want kept secure.

But is there an argument for nurseries and primary schools to use steel lockers as well? In short, the answer is yes.

Why opt for steel lockers in nurseries and primary schools?

coloured steel lockersFocusing on nurseries first, pre-school children often have a lot to take in with them. Many nurseries take children from as young as four months (with many starting at around nine months when paid maternity leave tends to end) and keep them until they are four-years-old and ready to start reception.

This means that during that time a pre-schooler could have with them (depending on their age and the time of year) nappies, bottles, sippy cups, changes of clothes (even more when they’re potty training), coats, puddle suits, wellies, sun hats, sun cream and countless other bits and bobs depending on the child’s needs and what nursery requests).

Most parents will bring all of this in on a daily basis, but some items such as nappies, and outerwear may well get left at nursery for when it’s needed. A locker, then, is the obvious solution to store everything so that it’s a) secure, and b) not going to get mixed up.

Of course, primary school children generally will take a bit less in with them. Outerwear will be selected on a day-to-day basis and, generally speaking, changes of clothes aren’t necessary. However, many children will still carry in a bag with their packed lunch (where necessary), water bottle, reading book, pencil case, and any bits of homework. They will also often bring in a swimming kit on a weekly basis (although PE kits usually get left in school until the holidays) and, in some cases, may bring in a musical instrument if they take classes through school.

This can be a lot for a small child to carry round with them and leaving things in an open pigeon hole can encourage mix ups or losses. Musical instruments, for example, can be expensive. So, lockers can, again, help.

What school lockers are best for youngsters?

Clearly, small children don’t need massive lockers. At Midland Steel Equipment, we stock smaller size lockers that are perfect for primary schools and nurseries. We even offer a powder coated door option that means lockers could be multicoloured. Making them much more fun and child-friendly.

To speak to us about your school or nurseries requirements, it’s easy to get in touch. Just give us a call on 0800 980 9544 to chat to our sales team, or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

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