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Steel Lockers Aren’t Just for Schools and Gyms

Think of steel lockers and you are likely to conjure images of your local gym or school. However, steel lockers are no longer restricted to these premises. They are finding solid footing in a variety of places including offices, nightclubs, libraries, department stores and more.

In fact, steel lockers are ideal for any building that’s open to the public and can benefit from the security and organisation they offer. Here are some of the top reasons steel lockers are an ideal choice:

Keep Everything Organised

One of the prime benefits of adding a storage locker is the efficient organisation it offers. If you manage a workplace, installing some of our premium steel lockers will ensure everything from gadgets and stationery to personal belongings and precious items are not only safe but are stored in the right place and easily found when you need them.

Space Optimisation

As steel lockers take up little space themselves, you can optimise the office space whilst reducing downtime at the same time. And that’s also a reason why many home owners choose to buy steel lockers, as they can de-clutter a room easily and store several items in a secure, slim, stylish space.


Steel lockers can be powder coated with eco-friendly finishes and the locker doors can be fabricated with unique, creative patterns and fitted with sound-insulating materials to help reduce noise. Customising your storage lockers ensures a seamless fit. What’s more, we can design your lockers to suit your requirements and specifications.


By installing steel lockers, you can provide a safe, secure space for the members of the public,  your employees and customers. Storage lockers ensure complete peace of mind for those who carry valuable items or important documents.


Privacy is crucial. Whether you are a teacher, an employee, a member or a visitor, everyone values privacy. A steel lockers plays a crucial role in guaranteeing privacy by creating a place in your premises where people can store their personal belongings safely and securely without having to take them in the open.


Whether you are an office manager, business owner or a home owner looking to provide a secure way to store belongings, look no further than steel lockers.

If you are looking to install steel lockers in your premises, choose from our extensive range of lockers available at competitive prices and offers. At Midland Steel Equipment Ltd., we specialise in steel lockers and have many years of experience in the industry.

Get in touch with us to discuss your bespoke storage solution requirements. Call 01909 722927 now.

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