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Different types of metal shelving

Steel shelvingThere are several different types of shelving, each suited for different purposes. Generally speaking, metal shelving is preferred to wooden. Firstly, metal shelving tends to be more economical as it requires less labour. Shelving made from metal is also usually easier to clean, maintain and repair if necessary. Whilst it may be advisable to opt for metal shelving over wooden, there are many different types of metal shelving available. It is important to do your research before investing in shelving and storage, as the right one for you will depend on what you need to store and where you intend on storing it. This article seeks to help you find the most appropriate type of metal shelving for your needs.

Steel shelving

Steel is arguably the most commonly used material for shelving. It can be used in a variety of environments including; warehouses, offices, homes and tool cribs. It is perhaps the most versatile material you could choose for your shelving. There are also different variations of steel shelving, including closed and open shelving, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Suitable for any environment as it can withstand a lot of damage. This makes it particularly appropriate for warehouses or the food industry where it must support heavy items. It is better than rivet or wire shelving in high density applications.
  • It offers flexibility. Through use of compression clips, it offers better adjustability than rivet shelving.
  •  Easier to clean, making it ideal for use in the food industry. Its natural corrosion-resistance means that it can be scrubbed and cleaned with bleach without being damaged.
  • Can withstand high temperatures meaning it is a safe option for environments in which there are fire or explosive hazards present.

Chrome wire shelving

Chrome wire shelving is often a cheaper alternative when compared to other metal shelving. Chrome coated wire shelving is ideal for use in a range of places including warehouses, utility rooms, garages, and stockrooms.


  • Widely regarded as strong and less likely to dent than other metals.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. Due to its open build, unlike other shelving units, dust will not gather. It is also easy to wipe clean.
  • Wire shelving is less cumbersome than other shelving options. Instead, it appears elegant and is a preferred choice where appearance is important.
  • It can be as adjustable as steel shelving

Wrought iron shelving

Wrought iron shelving may be perceived as the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing of metal shelving available. It is for this reason that it is often seen adorning homes rather than in industry.


  • Often chosen for use in environments where appearance is important. It is elegant and classy as well as suitable for modern and old-fashioned decor.
  • Its durability and strength means it is able to hold weighty items without damage to the shelving.
  • Wrought iron shelving is water-resistant. However, rust may develop if it is not properly taken care of. As well as this, given iron is a good conductor, special considerations must be taken for use in environments where temperature is particularly important.

If you would like more advice regarding the different types of shelving or the types of steel shelving we offer, please contact us.

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