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Retro Steel Lockers

Getting creative with retro steel lockers

You may not have thought about retro steel lockers much since your school days, but they’re back in fashion! Retro steel lockers are usually associated with school storage or cliché American high school films and not, until recently, considered an aesthetic item. However, interior design has opened its arms to retro steel lockers and merged these old school storage lockers with current industrial influences in interior design. If you’re looking for a fun and unconventional way to revamp your home interior, think about getting creative with retro steel lockers.

A fun take on home storage

Retro steel lockers offer a fun take on home storage. Before, vintage lockers have been used for school storage, but with current industrial trends in interior design, there’s no reason why this can’t be extended to the home. Retro steel lockers are perfect for home storage and can be a unique addition to your décor. No drawers under your bed? Find retro steel lockers to fit your requirements and your problem is solved. Alternatively, steel lockers can make a great new wardrobe, storage for your spices and other kitchen essentials or even a place to tuck away the kids’ toys.

Decorate your retro steel lockers

Aside from just utilising space with retro steel lockers, they can be a decorative piece and decorated themselves. For example, give your retro steel lockers a makeover to add even more to your living space. One popular way of doing this is to paint your retro steel locker with chalkboard paint. A chalkboard painted steel locker might be best suited to a kitchen to write your shopping lists and important dates on, or in a kids’ room, where they can get creative with their doodles, much better than on your white wall!

Taking the doors off your retro steel lockers

There are no set rules when it comes to using retro steel lockers in interior design, so you can use them in whatever way you like. With this in mind, an interesting way to use retro steel lockers is to take off the doors and reveal the interior. This can give you new ways to make your lockers work for you. For example, with the doors taken off, dependent on the retro steel locker design you opt for, you can create a quirky bookcase or display your family photos and favourite ornaments on the shelves. For the best of both worlds, keep some of the retro lockers in their original state for storage use and take the doors off where you want to display.

Complement a colour scheme

More traditionally in interior design, if you want to add a pop of colour to your room, you might opt for an artwork or a bold sofa colour. However, retro steel lockers can help to add a splash of colour and become an impressive statement feature in your home. While retro steel lockers are available in an array of colours and styles, they also offer the flexibility to be painted in whatever way suits your fancy. Use retro steel lockers to complement your colour scheme and bring your space together.

If you’re feeling inspired by retro steel lockers, Contact Midland Steel Equipment and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiries.

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