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Digi Locks and combination locks vs. keys vs. latch locks for your steel lockers

You wouldn’t think it, but ordering steel lockers for the workplace or other environments takes a fair few decisions. Not only is the size and shape important, but you also need to consider how your lockers will, well, lock.

Believe it or not you have quite a few choices. At Midland Steel Equipment, for instance, our American style lockers, retro steel lockers and our other locker solutions come with options for latch locks, locks with keys or even Digi Locks and combination locks.

So, which do you choose? We weigh up the pros and cons for each type.

Keyless LockDigi Locks and combination locks

Digi Locks and combination locks are great for spaces where either someone will have permanent ownership of a locker or the lockers are being used for secure storage. For instance, schools, hospitals, offices etc. would all benefit from these types of locks.

Each locker will have its own code or combination which needs to be memorised and then entered every time someone requires access. It’s a very secure method of locking a locker and means that you don’t need to worry about somebody losing their key.

However, it does rely on people remembering their locker codes so it’s an idea to have someone on site who’s responsible for resetting these when somebody forgets, or when somebody leaves the business and a new person joins.


Keys are a great value alternative to Digi and combination locks as they are also designed for either secure storage or permanent ownership. Again, schools, offices, hospitals and the like could all use this type of locker without inconvenience.

Although they don’t rely on anyone having to remember a code, they do have a downside in terms of requiring people to remember their keys and not lose them. Something that, with the best will in the world, is not always going to happen. That said, our key-based lockers all come with two keys so one can be kept on site as a master key for the locker in question. You would also need to have processes in place to ensure keys are retrieved when someone leaves the business.

Latch locks

Latch locks are great for spaces such as gyms and swimming pools where people are using lockers for short periods of time. They require the user to provide their own padlock and key so the responsibility for security on the user rather than you, the owner.

They can also be used in spaces where more permanent ownership of a locker is required, however, because the user is the person who provides the lock and key, it’s harder for you to enforce rules regarding security. In this scenario, it can create an issue if someone were to lose their key as they padlock would have to be broken to open.

To speak to us about the locking options for our workplace lockers, call our team on 0800 980 9544 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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