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Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
Midland Steel Equipment Ltd
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Our lockers have been seen in the 2015 film Eddie the Eagle

British athlete Michael "Eddie" Edwards (Played by Taron Egerton) travels to Germany to test his skills at ski jumping. Fate leads him to Bronson Peary (Played by Hugh Jackman), a former ski jumper who now works as a snowplough driver. Impressed by Edwards' spirit and determination, Peary agrees to train the young underdog. Despite an entire nation counting him out, Eddie's never-say-die attitude takes him all the way to a historic and improbable showing at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta.

The lockers are Single Door 71x12x12 Lockers in silver grey which the customer has then customised to resemble lockers used at the 88’ Calgory winter Olympics

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