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Retro Steel Lockers for Industrial Chic

Retro style vintage steel lockersIndustrial home trends have been around for a while now and they’re really filtering down from stylish home magazines into actual homes — at least if Pinterest is to be believed.

While industrial styles may not sound that comfy, you couldn’t me more wrong. It’s more about materials and textures than sitting on packing crates so imagine bare bricks with retro steel accessories, a worn leather sofa and oversized, low-hanging metal light fittings and you’re very much there. The best bit about it is that it can be mixed with modern and traditional styles to really give it the right twist. So you could keep your Regency style armchairs, just match them with some retro steel lockers for storage and a worn mid-century modern coffee table and you’ve got an industrial chic living room.

So what can you do to give your own home an industrial makeover? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it may only take a few touches here and there to help you get the look. We’ve pulled together some of the most defining industrial chic characteristics to help you give your home the edge.

Bare bricks

One of the defining industrial chic features is bare brick, in the style of a New York loft. Ideally every wall in the room would be bare, but this isn’t always feasible — especially if you live in a new-build, where your interior walls are stud walls, or an old Victorian terrace where it could get a bit chilly. Here you can look at alternative options such as bare bricks on the chimney breast only or even a brilliantly deceptive wallpaper to make it look like you have bare brick!

Retro steel lockers

Lockers are one of the key focal points of industrial chic homes and they tend to either be used as intended, acting as cupboards, or you see them adapted into sideboards or tables. However, you absolutely do not want a shiny new looking locker as this would not chime with the industrial chic theme. Instead, go for a retro steel locker that has a vintage, worn look to it. It will settle much more nicely against your bare brick wall!  Our vintage lockers are made from aged material, designed to look older than they actually are, yet retaining their practical element. Our lockers can also be known as a Vintage style American locker due to the down facing air vents on the front. We have varying levels of ditress to suit your taste:-

  • level 1 distress is uncoated steel that is unaged, although this material shows few signs of aging and rust the steel will still have dark patches and marks across it. Any marks on the lockers will be the first to rust when it reaches level 2 it is at this stage you can mark the lockers for quicker aging or prevent it from aging further
  • level 2 distress is uncoated steel that is has aged for a number of days and start to rust the steel will turn a darker colour the dark patches and marks across the steel will begin to rust first. This is the most common aged locker material
  • level 3 distress is uncoated steel that has almost fully aged and the rust on the steel will turn a darker colour and the rest of the material will blanket in a lighter coloured rust, as it ages more the locker will be one solid colour completely rusted
Please just contact us for  a brochure to see examples

Steel shelves

Whether you’re kitting out your living room or kitchen in industrial chic, steel shelving is a must. Steel shelves make ideal food storage or bookcases and, while you may think they look a bit utilitarian, they will look amazing when covered in a selection of vintage books and cool ornaments and retro lamps.

Polished floors

The ideal flooring for industrial chic is polished concrete but, again, this isn’t always going to be feasible. Other options worth looking at are retro wooden floors with a polished finished. You can check out reclamation yards and then polish up the wood or you can look at laminate floor options — just be sure to go for realistic looking laminate with a quality aged effect.

If you’re looking for retro steel lockers, steel shelves or other steel storage, contact Midland Steel Equipment today and our friendly sales team will be glad to help.

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