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Industrial Steel Shelving UKIndustrial Steel Shelving UK

Uses of Industrial Steel Shelving UK

Industrial steel shelving is a great storage solution, which is why at Midland Steel Equipment, we offer steel shelving alongside steel lockers. Industrial steel shelving is versatile and durable, so it’s not surprising that it’s used by many businesses to accommodate their storage needs. Industrial steel shelving is an affordable option that can be used in an array of settings for any storage issues you may encounter. This article considers some of the ways in which you can make use of industrial steel shelving in your workplace.

Industrial steel shelving in the workplace

Industrial steel shelving is often a first choice for businesses solving their storage issues. Industrial steel shelving is cost-effective, durable and flexible to meet your needs, whatever they are. We can see this at play in the many places that industrial steel shelving is used.

Business document storage

Metal steel shelving is ideal for document storage. With open steel shelving, you can easily access your documents, finding the relevant files quickly. Using industrial steel shelving gives you plenty of space for documents needed on hand, there waiting safely for when you might need them.

Storing heavy items

Steel shelving is often chosen over other types of shelving, such as plastic, because of its durability and strength. Industrial steel shelving can hold more weight, meaning it can cater to the heavy items in your warehouse or storeroom. This lets you stack your storage items high and create more floor space.

Backroom organisation

Industrial steel shelving is often used for backroom organisation and storage in settings such as retail. Backrooms can become dumping grounds for “stuff” if sufficient care is not taken. Industrial steel shelving is an easy and ideal way to tidy up your backroom space and keep it organised. By using open steel shelving, you can access your inventory from all angles with ease. They are also durable storage units that can bear the weight of your stock before it gets sorted again.

Temperature controlled storage

Industrial steel shelving is ideal for those industries which rely on temperature-controlled storage. This might include restaurants, medical/pharmaceutical storage and even IT companies (where technology can’t get too hot!). Most metal shelving systems are designed to withstand a variety of temperatures, making them suitable for these industries. This is particularly true of wire shelving, as it allows for ventilation.

Industrial kitchen/pantry/breakroom

Similarly, industrial steel shelving can be used in industrial kitchens, pantries or breakrooms where food storage is necessary. This is because with metal shelving, food can remain fresher for longer. Industrial steel shelving also offers ample space to stock large quantities of frozen and fresh produce that can be accessed quickly.

Retail shelving

Walk into any retail environment and you’re bound to see industrial steel shelving in use. With the many types of industrial steel shelving on offer, you will find something that is not only durable and versatile, but also that will help keep your store looking neat and tidy.

These are just some of the many ways in which industrial steel shelving is used in the UK and how you might benefit from it. Industrial steel shelving is durable, affordable and versatile, it can be used in any number of settings with great effect.

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