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Open steel shelving vs Closed steel shelving

Industrial steel shelving can be broadly thought of in two categories: open steel shelving and closed steel shelving. Steel is a popular choice for industrial shelving for a number of reasons, namely versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness. Steel shelving is a great way to store things in your warehouse. So, it’s no surprise that steel is used for industrial shelving in the UK, but what’s the difference between open steel shelving and closed steel shelving? Before you invest, it’s important to understand the differences between open and closed industrial steel shelving, as they’re both unique and have their benefits.

These two types of industrial steel shelving are available in different colours and sizes, it is in design that they differ most.

Open steel shelving

What are the advantages of open steel shelving?

Open steel shelving can be accessed from four different angles, the front, the back and the two sides. This means that getting to what you need from the shelves is easier; there is greater flexibility than with closed steel shelving. With closed steel shelving, you can only access your storage items from the front. This makes open shelving the slightly more convenient option when it comes to accessibility.
Open steel shelving is also more cost-effective than closed steel shelving. This is because open steel shelving, as the name suggests, is not covered on any of the sides. It therefore requires less steel to be made, making it a cheaper product to produce.
One of the main advantages offered by industrial steel shelving is stability. As long as you buy from a reputable source, whether you choose open or closed steel shelving, you can rely on it to be stable and attend to industrial needs without danger.

Closed steel shelving

What are the advantages of closed steel shelving?

Closed steel shelving might generally be considered more aesthetically pleasing than open steel industrial shelving. Closed steel shelving keeps your storage goods hidden away out of sight. This makes your space appear neater and tidier and as such, is more pleasing to the eye. For this reason, closed steel shelving is often the preferred choice for industrial shelving in areas where visitors, suppliers or clients might meet.
Again, due to the fact that closed steel shelving has steel backing on three sides of the unit, it might also be considered more secure. Generally, due to its enclosed design feature, stock is far less likely to fall off the shelf. This also means there are less likely to be injuries caused by products and supplies falling onto staff below.
Both types of industrial steel shelving can be considered very stable, as this is one of the benefits of steel shelving. However, perhaps given the additional steel backing, closed steel shelving might add even more stability. Due to its design features, it is unlikely that the shelving will fail, even when a lot of weight is applied.

There are advantages to both open and closed industrial steel shelving. Which of the two types you should choose depends on exactly the purpose your shelving needs to serve.

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