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Steel lockers

Improving workplace performance with steel lockers

Steel lockers are a great addition to any workplace. Lockers not only help your office space look more aesthetically pleasing, which is important for both staff and visitors but can also improve employee performance. Using steel lockers in your workplace is a simple and easy way to show that you value your employees and is beneficial even beyond improved security.

Personal space

With many employers opting for entirely open office spaces with a hotdesking culture or coworking space, steel lockers have never been a more important addition to the workplace. Open spaced offices are becoming more frequent and have many benefits, but the availability of personal space is certainly not one of them. This is where steel lockers can help. With desk swapping and an open office culture, employees don’t have a place to call their own but installing lockers in your workplace can provide them with this. This can also keep other colleagues at bay, they won’t need to cause frustration asking for pens or a document they left on the desk earlier if they’re provided with a locker in which to store their items instead.


One of the most talked about advantages of installing steel lockers in the workplace is the additional security. However, just because this is an obvious benefit of using lockers at work, doesn’t mean that it should be overlooked here. Employers should never underestimate how much their staff value workplace security; it can be a dealbreaker. Steel lockers are an easy way to provide employees with a space to store their valuables or even their important documents. When staff feel safe, they can focus on their work and an in turn their productivity improves. Steel lockers are therefore beneficial to both employer and employee.

Keep distractions at bay

Phones and tablets are a great way to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues and the outside world but they are also one of the leading distractions in the workplace. No employer wants their staff to be on their phone constantly. Unfortunately, however, when phones are within reach of the desk space, it can be all too tempting. Steel lockers are a great way to keep distractions at bay. Lockers provide employees with a safe space to store their smartphones and tablets away from their desk space. If their gadgets are placed behind the door of a locker on the other side of the room, staff are far less likely to feel the need to check their phone every 5 minutes. Less time refreshing their phone screens means more time working.

An organised and tidy office

Steel lockers can help to keep your office looking clean and tidy. By having a locker to store documents, valuables and miscellaneous items in, you prevent your office from becoming cluttered. An organised workplace is often linked to higher levels of productivity and installing steel lockers can help you to achieve this.

Steel lockers are a useful addition to the workplace in more ways than you might first think. Aside from security and an organised office, you can show your staff that they are valued and help them to feel comfortable in the office by giving them a space of their own.

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