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Improving Safety in the Workplace with Lockers

Workplaces are continuously changing to facilitate better collaboration among teams. As a result, employees spend the majority of their time in the workplace. Naturally, offering your employees better comfort and safety becomes a top priority.

Safety is a key reason why many employers are increasingly choosing to install workplace lockers. Not only do they help save space but they ensure safe storage. Available in an array of sizes and finishes, workplace lockers can be customised to suit your requirements.

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in workplace lockers.

Lockers Protect Employees’ Belongings

A study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that one-third of personal property theft takes place at work. This only emphasises the urgent need for high-quality workplace lockers.

Increasingly, employees are carrying high-value items such as sports gear and personal tablets and laptops to work, which makes the use of workplace lockers extremely essential.

Well-designed workplace lockers give your employees a safe and secure spot to store their belongings and high-value items while freeing up their work desk.

Lockers Safeguard Expensive Office Equipment and Files

Expensive office equipment such as laptops, electronic items, office supplies, and key files that cannot be left on an open desk can be stored safely in a locker. Well-built lockers can protect your office equipment and files from criminal acts of theft and vandalism.

Strict Locker Usage Guidelines Enhance Workplace Safety

Set clear rules for locker usage for your employees. List the items your employees can and cannot store in lockers. Strict rules prevent employees from using lockers for storing inappropriate items. Such things include weapons, hazardous substances, alcohol and drugs.

Establishing such locker rules makes the workplace safer.

Lockers with Monitors Provide Extra Safety

Monitoring lockers prevent unauthorised access and use. You can hire staff for manual monitoring. The person-in-charge allows only authorised people into the locker room. The in-charge checks credentials such as ID to allow entry and locker use.

You could also install an automated monitoring system. Such systems run an automatic check of credentials. They allow locker use only for employees who pass the check. They reject unauthorised credentials, thereby preventing incidents of trespass.

If you are unable to use monitors, consider installing security cameras. Install cameras at visible spots to warn employees that they are being watched. This action would prevent them from storing inappropriate items.

Contact Midland Steel and Equipment for High Quality Workplace Lockers

When you are looking to buy high quality workplace lockers that will stand the test of time, contact Midland Steel and Equipment. Our lockers are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of quality and safety.

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