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Improving Safety at the Workplace with Lockers

As an employer, there are many things you could do to provide a comfortable environment for your employees. Workplace lockers are a great way to improve workplace safety. Not only are lockers convenient for your staff but they also help prevent trips and falls owing to improperly stored belongings.

When it comes to introducing lockers in your workplace, it’s important to create some basic guidelines and safety protocols for their use.

Put Workplace Lockers in a Safe Place

Before installing lockers, it’s important to consider the location you are going to add them to. Choose a location that’s safe and isn’t easily accessible to members of the public. A secure location is one that’s only accessible by employees or to those with some security credentials. This way, you can minimise locker room thefts in the workplace whilst minimising unauthorised access.

Establish Clear Rules

Every employee should recognise that having a workplace locker is a privilege. Let it be known that you, as the employer, will determine what can and can’t be stored in the workplace lockers. Create a list of items that are allowed and banned. However, a rule of thumb, ban things that can attract pests, such as food. Also, ban the storage of dangerous items such as weapons. Items that are unsuitable for the workplace, such as, drugs and alcohol, should also be banned. By clearly outlining what is and isn’t allowed in workplace lockers, you will create a secure and safe environment for everyone.

Create a Search Policy in Writing

When it comes to locker searches, there are no clear laws. Generally speaking, a locker search is permitted only if there’s a valid reason and there’s a policy in place with regards to locker searches. Therefore, consider the local laws to put together a clear search policy in writing and make it available to your employees. Having a search policy keeps your business safe from any legal repercussions arising from locker searches and the resultant consequences. Moreover, when employees know there’s a search policy in place, they’re less likely to store contrabands in their lockers.

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Locker Monitor

If possible, assign a locker room monitor to keep a watch over the lockers and to restrict access as necessary. The monitor can check identification before allowing access to the lockers. If that’s not possible, install security cameras to prevent undesired activities in the workplace locker room and to discourage the storage of banned materials.

Contact Midland Steel Equipment

Lockers are an excellent investment provided they’re handled responsibly. These tips will help ensure, they prove to be a useful investment rather than a liability. For quality workplace lockers in the UK, contact Midland Steel Equipment.

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