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Things to Consider When Choosing Metal Shelving

From offices, shops and schools to hospitals, workplaces and homes, the right steel helving can help create adequate storage space. From creating space for stacking heavy goods to medical equipment or even food supplies, good metal shelving can make your work hassle-free. Before you set out to buy cheap metal shelving, here are a few things you must consider.

Weight Bearing Capacity

Most shelving systems are designed for a specified Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL). It is important to choose your shelving according to the weight of the things you are planning to store on the shelves. This is one of the most important things to consider when you are choosing shelving.


Not all types of shelving systems are suited for every commercial activity. If you are considering shelving for a hospital or a hotel which will require frequent cleaning and sterilisation of shelving racks, you need to consider good quality steel shelving.
Food storage and preparation areas also require steel shelving.
It is also important to note that wet goods can damage cheap metal shelving. Buy good quality steel shelving that is durable and can be easily cleaned.


Depending upon what you want to place on the shelves and how often you will be accessing those things, you need to think about the height you need for the shelves.
A lot of times, people end up buying shelving that’s either too tall or too short for the purpose. 
Before you buy cheap metal shelving, consider the dimensions of the storage space and the shelves. Talk to your shelving provider to understand what size is best suited to your purpose.


You should also consider choosing shelving that can easily accommodate extra shelves whenever required in the future. Your shelving provider can help you with extra shelves, back braces, corner brackets, back and side plates and extra angle uprights so you can expand your storage whenever you need it.

Space Between Shelves

How many shelves you want in your storage will also depend upon how much space you want free between the shelves or in the aisles. Also take into account if you want to access the shelves from only one side or both sides.


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