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A Buyers Guide to Metal Shelving

Looking to buy metal shelving to increase the storage you currently have? Metal shelving can exponentially add to the storage capacity and give you easy access to your stocks and goods. Here is our guide to buying the right metal shelving.

What You Need to Look for in Metal Shelving?

You need to consider the style, material, shelving systems, sizes, accessories, usage, UDL and certification. Here is more.


Open-wire shelving is considered cost-effective and preferred for storing packed dry goods. Solid shelving has a solid base and is used by the food processing industry for meat storage and other foods.


Chrome plating is used in open-wire shelving whereas polymer or steel reinforced shelving is preferred when anti-corrosive shelving is required. Stainless steel is considered the best material for any type of shelving because it is easy to clean, resists corrosion and is non-magnetic.

Shelving Systems

Stationary shelving are traditional style shelves that rest on straight posts and cannot be moved about. Mobile shelving has casters that support the system while allowing easy movement of the entire shelving system. High density shelving has shelves attached to a track system. This allows shelves mounting in a number of ways. Wall-mounted shelves are great for walk-in refrigerators and are considered easy to clean.


Shelf sizing can completely depend upon the industry you are from. At Midland Steel Equipment Ltd UK, we can customise the metal shelving as per your preference. We offer a wide range of sizes from 3’ x 24” x 9” up to 8’ x 48” x18” and everything in between. Talk to our experts now.


When you buy metal shelving, you will also need to buy extra shelves, bracing, corner brackets, side plates, angle uprights and other accessories to assemble your metal shelving. We can help you with the right accessories.


Buy metal shelving according to the usage. If you need shelving for only dry goods, open wire shelving is good. For food storage, preparation, packing, medicines, hospitals, etc., you must consider stainless steel shelving only.


UDL is the measure of the weight bearing capacity of the shelves. You can opt for a light duty range up to 50kg or choose a heavy-duty range that can hold up to 100kg.


Check for ‘FEM’ certification, approved by the ERF or European Racking Federation when you buy metal shelving.

Midland Steel Equipment Ltd UK. can give you a wide range of quality steel shelving and racking solutions and accessories.

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