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Unusual uses for steel lockers around the home

DIY is keeping a lot of people occupied at the moment - our vintage metal lockers are so versatile - we've put together some ideas of how you might want to use either the American retro style or the aged, vintage style.

Retro style steel lockersSo - how to use lockers around the home? Well, there’s the obvious: stand them up in a room and use them as storage — and there’s certainly nothing wrong with this as they look fab. But some people have been getting more creative with how they use their lockers so we’ve been looking out to find out some of the most creative ways to transform steel lockers into home furnishings.

  • Sideboard

For lockers with a lower profile, you can easily use them as a sideboard complete with handy cupboard space. The square sports-style lockers work best for this and you can place artwork and ornaments on the top, while using the locker spaces to hide away any bits and bobs you don’t want on display.

  • Bench

A locker might not seem the obvious choice for a bench but it can look really cool. If you place the lockers on their side (with the doors locked!) you can then add a seat either from solid wood or by attaching foam padding and covering it with fabric. You can even put castors on the bottom to make it more mobile plus, if you keep the keys, you can use it for light storage.

  • Kitchen island or bar

Similar to creating a bench, making a kitchen island or bar from a locker just requires some DIY. Take your bank of small lockers and attach a solid wood top to act as your counter surface. Bear in mind it may need treating for kitchen use. Add legs or castors to the base so that it can stand up (making sure they’re appropriate for the weight) and then voilà! You have a kitchen island or bar complete with storage for food, kitchen appliances or your good liquor.

  • Bookcase

To transform steel lockers into a bookcase, you’ll need to remove the doors from a bank of square lockers. You could either do this all the way down or just partially, leaving some cupboard space underneath. The locker bases will then act as your shelves, whether for books, ornaments or family photos. Just remember to file away any sharp edges on the hinges where the doors have been removed!

At Midland Steel Equipment, we specialise in steel lockers for the workplace, but there’s no reason they can’t be used in the home as well! Once you have your locker you can be as creative as you like. We even offer a bespoke service, so feel free to chat to us about your needs.

There are even more ideas in our recent blog "love-your-home-with-retro-steel-lockers"


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