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Tips for buying steel lockers

Tips for buying Steel Lockers

There are several different types of locker materials available, but steel lockers are a firm favourite for their versatility, toughness and durability.

Steel lockers can be used in a variety of different settings including the office, schools, gyms or even repurposed in your home. However, if you’re looking to buy lockers for your property, you might have noticed that there’s quite a few options to navigate through. We’ve put together a guide to help you decide which lockers are best for you, before you invest.


When investing in steel lockers, you need to do your research and come up with a budget. You should also consider buying cheap or used lockers. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable source. There are so many different types of lockers available, so you’re sure to find something suitable for you and within your budget.


While you might view all lockers to be much the same, as you start to research them more, you’ll find that lockers can vary in different ways. Consider your steel locker design features and who they are for.

Who will use the lockers?

Steel lockers are used in a number of different environments. Are your lockers going to be used by adults or by children? Are your lockers for a workplace, a leisure centre, a school or an apartment complex? Your choice in lockers should differ depending on who is going to use them and where they are going to be used. For example, in a school, steel lockers for children might be smaller and more colourful. By contrast, where steel lockers are installed for teachers, they should be bigger to accommodate stationery and paperwork. They might need to be extra secure if they’re used to store sensitive documents. Again, steel locker designs should alter for a gym or workplace compared with a school.

Any specialist requirements?

Before buying lockers for your property, consider whether you have any specialist requirements and if your lockers accommodate this. For example, if your steel lockers are for an educational setting or the workplace, you might want charging lockers to allow the charging of mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Sloping top lockers are also sometimes preferred as they ensure that locker-users and passers-by won’t dump their rubbish on the top of the lockers.

Size and space

Not all lockers will be suitable for your space. First things first, you need to determine how much space you have to work with. The last thing you want is to order lockers that on arrival, don’t fit in the space intended for them. Consider how many compartments you need in each unit. You also need to think about how much space each locker needs to have and how many lockers you will need to ensure everyone has one.

Type of locks

There are various different locking mechanisms for steel lockers. These include padlocks, combination locks and inbuilt locks. The option you go for should depend on who is using the lockers and how secure they need to be.

Don’t compromise on quality

Last but not least, don’t compromise on the quality of your lockers. Make sure that the lockers you are buying are the best quality possible. Whether it’s on material or locker accessories, it’s not worth compromising quality. The main advantages of lockers are they’re durable and secure, so your lockers need to reflect this. Make sure you do your research on your supplier before making the purchase.

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