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Steel Storage Ideas

steel shelvingIt’s often said (particularly on #motivationalmonday Instagram posts) that a tidy office equals a tidy mind. At Midland Steel Equipment, we think this is certainly true and believe that keeping your office tidy can boost the productivity of your team.

Imagine how much time gets wasted every year looking for missing stuff in the office.

And imagine how distracted your team gets every day because clutter around the office is catching their attention rather than the task at hand. It’s hard to have a productive meeting when the boardroom table is piled high with files and folders.

But what are the best ways to keep the office tidy? Well, we say storage, storage and more storage!

Desk tidies

Tidiness should start with each team member’s desk, so make sure your team is supplied with organiser trays and pedestal draws. If your office has a cleaner, a good way to incentivise staff to use their decluttering tools is to get the cleaner to ask people to tidy their desks so they can actually clean them. Some people will always be messy, but they may well tidy if it’s for someone else.

Personal belongings away

Health and safety rules mean that coats and jackets shouldn’t really be over the backs of chairs and bags certainly shouldn’t be dumped on the floors. This is where steel lockers can come in handy as each member of the team can have their own to tidily put away their coat and bag each day. This also means their belongings are secure should the office need to be left empty at any point.

Shelf stackers

Steel shelving is another useful weapon in your tidy office arsenal. Any documents can be put in clearly labelled archive or file boxes and then neatly stacked away. Anyone can easily find them when they need them but, when they’re not in use they’re not in anyone’s way. This is another great way to make sure important documents don’t end up at the bottom of a pile on someone’s desk.

Stick to it!

It’s all very well having loads of great organisational tools in your office but you and your team need to stick to using them for them to work. So, when you see someone leave their bag on the floor, ask them to put it away in the locker. When you see people’s desks start to get a bit messy, send round a reminder email that the cleaners will need access to them. When you see a pile of documents left in the meeting room, file them away where they should be.

If you can keep your office neat and tidy, you’ll create a better, more productive environment for everyone. If you want to bring in some steel shelving or steel lockers, give Midland Steel Equipment - a UK locker manufacturer — a call today on 0800 980 9544 or head over to our contact us page to fill in our online enquiry form and someone will get back to you.

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