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A Guide to Industrial Metal Shelving

The right industrial metal shelving can create that additional storage space you want for stacking all types of heavy goods in your office or workplace. However, it is easier to get carried away into buying cheap metal shelving and then regret it because you have not taken into consideration your exact requirement. Here is a quick guide to help you buy the right industrial metal shelving.

Uniformly Distributed Load

One of the most important things to consider when you set out to buy metal shelving is how much weight you want to keep on the shelves. UDL or uniformly distributed load is a measure to understand how much weight bearing capacity is needed for your shelves. Even a rough estimate of the weight of the things you will store can be of great help in choosing the right load bearing shelves.


Buying a chipboard shelving system will be of no use if you are thinking of storing wet or cold goods on the shelves.  If you are into food storage, preparation and packing, or your commercial activity has a lot of cleaning, sanitisation involved, you will need to buy good quality stainless steel shelves. It is important to remember that cheap metal shelving may not last long and you will need to consider buying better shelving systems in a few years.

Assembling the Shelves

You can buy metal shelving that have been pre-assembled or you can assemble them at your workplace. When you are looking at getting your business up and running without wasting too much time on assembling the shelving, you need to talk to your shelving supplier.

Complex Shelving System

When you buy metal shelving, it is always good to plan for the future. Rather than buy just one or a few bays of cheap metal shelving, you should consider creating a shelving system that can accommodate more. You will need to buy extra shelves, corner brackets, side plates, back braces and angle uprights accordingly.


Safety is of utmost importance at the workplace. You need to ensure the shelving you are buying has been tested to the relevant and appropriate standards.

Talk to Us

Not sure which shelving system will work right for your business? Talk to us at Midland Steel Equipment Ltd UK. We can help you choose from our wide range of quality steel shelving and racking solutions and accessories.

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